4TM001 | Supporting Black Lives Matter

There’s a lot to be said about the UK Garage community at the moment, a bottomless talent pool of quality producers, record labels and an unprecedented support network from all corners of the scene whether well established, a newcomer or simply an outsider looking in. As a community we have each other to thank for such an encouraging, nurturing and friendly platform for growth within the sound, no matter what background you’re from or what you’re striving for. We are biased of course and it’s difficult to ignore the long-time negative narrative surrounding the “music industry” but this ultimately depends on who you choose to talk to, listen to and surround yourself with. What is certain, is that for a long while now the underground community continues to grow, group together, give props and positivity for all things original and independent. We look forward to witnessing relationships grow and party’s develop whenever clubs re-open.

2020 has been a weird year and it will no doubt go down in history as one of the most challenging. The Australian bushfires, Brexit, the pandemic and of course the latest Black Lives Matter movement. Despite all the obstacles, it’s our responsibility to remain positive and create positive change for our futures and those of our peers. The recent weeks that have passed have been an education. The BLM protests have worked to teach and empower for lesser disparity between the white privaliged and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups. Whilst this should have happened a long time ago, this period is significant and it's our responsibility to increase the battle against systemic, internalised racism and social injustice. No doubt just the start, the awkward but very important conversations taking place aim to improve the understanding of exactly what people of colour have to endure just to fight for equal rights. It’s no longer okay to be silent, we have to be actively anti-racist and provide allyship to the BAME community near and far.

credit Alexander Nut

Despite loads more effort required, It’s been encouraging to witness more brands from within music industry (predominantly white-led) recognise all that black culture has done for the lifestyle we know and love, gradually speaking up about how to improve operationally. For a long time, it’s fair to say that people of white privilege assumed they understood the extent at which internalised racism existed. Ultimately we are in no position to decide what is and isn’t racist. It is up us to take ownership, listen, educate and strive for change within ourselves. Here at Earful of Wax we will continue to have the conversations and learn how to best contribute to change, provide a voice and give back to black culture.

The response to the recent FOR THE MASSIVE UKG Fundraiser has been fantastic! All The charitable revenue received today will be diverted to a BLM centred initiative in support of Juneteenth, the Bandcamp fundraiser aimed at generating support for the NAACP legal defence fund - a national organisation with a history of effectively battling racial injustice and change through litigation, advocacy and public agency. Alongside this we will continue our plans to support local initiatives targeting support for BAME communities who have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of 4TM, a HUGE thank you to anyone who has purchased the compilation and massive shouts to all the artists involved!




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