REVIEW | Blackdown - Rollage Vol.4: The Hunger EP [Keysound Recordings]

Blackdown's first musical statement in two years is... Uncomfortable. Rolling rhythm, icy atmosphere, discordant distortion and grimey aggression is on full display in rollage vol 4: the hunger EP. It builds on Keysound Recordings' sonic past straight from the bowels of Corsica into one of the stronger entries in their decade deep catalogue. It’s techno for Trim listeners. It’s garage for Randomer fans.

Rain and thunder set the London stage. Sci-fi lasers zap in the background to Vangelis-esque risers with vocal samples like 'but now the information is there' hypnotically loop in and out before a barrage of claps rush him. The beat skips and shuffles incessantly around a half-steady kick to keep you grounded through the crowded mix. Phased drums loudly smack up and down in pitch to throw you off balance, the synths getting angrier and angrier before ceasing abruptly. There's a sense of analysed precision in how the tracks bleed into one another, gradually amping up the intensity before making a swift exit. It sets a framework and varies the dressing into uglier, more energetic layers. The mic is dropped once it's said what it said.

Premiere | Loose Lips | Blackdown - The Hunger

The final cut's concept of mashing the others into a single piece is unnerving - I thought it'd be terrible - yet the way it coalesces into a seamless, concise whole demonstrates how sharply Blackdown understands the world he has slowly crafted over the years. It's a sinister descent into everything Keysound Recordings represent. It's not all forward-thinking - the individual songs don't stray too far from the initially set path. The emotions are singular, staying the course with no truly unexpected turns. But you roll with the punches when the hits are this direct.

Premiere | 44,100Hz Social Club | Blackdown - The Cycle

Big thanks to CA$TLE for the contribution. Grab the Digi's here.


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