DIGDEEPER [Lockdown Edition] | Club Glow

DIGDEEPER returns by delving into the background of some of our favourite labels, the 3rd in the series features a special lockdown edition with the multi-talented producer crew and DJ Mag nominees for Breakthrough Label, Club Glow.

We bumped in to Mani Festo and Peri (1/3 of Denham Audio) at our favourite London record store Discworld one hungover Saturday to pick up some of their first 12" for our shop. The other half of the crew, Borai & LMajor were spinning some tunes for their label takeover under the Deptford arches.

Club Glow @ Disc World, Deptford.

We caught up with them a couple of weeks later to find out a bit more about the imprint, the effect of lockdown and label plans for the future.

Label Name: Club Clow.

Established: 2018.

Crew members? Borai, LMajor, Denham Audio, Mani Festo.

Denham Audio (left three), Mani Festo (mid-bottom), Borai (mid-top) L-Major (right)

How would you best describe the label…

Club Glow is about looking back to look forward, taking influence from the sounds of the Rave era that inspired generation after generation, but moving it forward to the present day.

Label sound & influences behind its inception?

The label started as an outlet for Club Glow Vol. 1, Denham and Borai had this body of work that they were completely happy with start to finish, when you put 6/7 months into a project and its finally complete you don't want anyone to come in and gut what you’ve done, Mani did the artwork for it, LMajor did the mastering and we built this project up into something cool we all loved. We started a fake label to self release and it did better than any of us expected and that was the birth of Club Glow.


Club Glow Vol.1 - Borai & Denham Audio

Club Glow Vol. 2 - LMajor & Mani Festo

Club Glow x Disc Shop Zero - Various Artists

CG001 - Mani Festo - All Night

Your go-to tips for starting a Label?

Try and and keep as much of it in house as possible, if you can do it yourself then do it yourself and retain as much control as you can.

What effect has Lockdown had on the label’s workflow (internal & external) and what advice would you give to stay motivated?

It's not been too bad for the label itself, we release pretty sporadically and we don't have any socials bar instagram so there hasn't felt a need to constantly be active, bar our monthly show on Balamii.

Mani’s EP dropped in August and has sold out pretty quickly and we had a run of summer Tees out earlier in the year too.

We were planning a run of events after our Peckham show in february but obviously they didn't go ahead, that's probably the only real negative impact we’ve had.

We’re all producing our own stuff still so building our forthcoming EPs and Club Glow Vol. 3 is in the works so there's enough to keep us active.

Can you provide us with a hint of what’s to come?

Got Club Glow Vol. 3 in the works, an ep from the rest of us on the vinyl side of the label and exploring ideas for a way to utilise the demos we’ve been sent and bring in the extended family

Dream Label Guest/Collab?

Denham - 100% Mark Archer/Altern8

Borai - Decoder

LMajor - Dillinja

Mani Festo - Foul Play/2 Bad Mice


MANI FESTO - ALL NIGHT now available to cop via Earful of Wax


(closes Tues 25th Nov, 16:00)


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