Apt E is a record label, party series and DJ duo founded and operated by Cameron and Maxwell in Seattle, WA. Launched in 2017 hosting underground parties in off-the-beaten-track locations around Seattle, they pride themselves on booking entirely local line-ups, providing a platform for marginalised communities and have developed a strong party community.

2019 saw them release their first record via their vinyl imprint providing a physical form of output which replicated their party ethos.

“Our parties have always been about throwing our audience musical and conceptual curveballs. The motivation for the label and the parties stems from a love for music both on and off the dance floor, and we look to express that through our DJ mixes, live sets and releases”

'Apt E Vol. 2' came in 2020 delivering one of our favourite tracks of last year in experimental Juke/Footwork track Sword of Thorns - 'I’m Still Dancing'.

Volume 3 is well on its way and is set to embrace their psychedelic rock tendencies, further expanding the Apt E sound and the loose concept of the brand - exploring all avenues of music expression, beholden to no genre or expectations.

“At the end of they day we are really going with the flow, doing what feels right, learning as we go, and dancing through the night. Apt E itself is a loose concept and its outputs can take many forms that even we can't predict just yet”

The EARFUL OF mix series was always formed to showcase the full spectrum of influences of its contributors and Apt E deliver exactly that, something totally different to our current catalogue but perfectly fitting for a sunny early week. Downtempo, Trip-hop into dub and ambient Jungle - cuh’mon!

Support Apt E's mixes and material from Cameron & Maxwell including their alias projects via their soundcloud. Support the label direct via their bandcamp.

Photo Credit: Valerie Calano



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