EARFUL OF | Banano

Introducing Banano, head of new independent vinyl label Gunfinger Food, who one year in their residency on Bloop radio, are just weeks away from showcasing GUNFNGR001 to the masses.

The London born DJ prides himself on his vinyl only sets with a taste spanning all things breaks and booty! Expect to hear breaks, acid, UKG and hardcore as he delivers most things on the broken spectrum but merely a few that nest under the umbrella taste he calls “bangers and bliss”

Keep an ear out for two tracks by a producer called BOBO (inc Pepé rmx), the first artists responsible for sharing the gunfinger poppin’ sound that the imprint is becoming renowned for!

GUNFNGR001 is available to pre-order now with shipping due at the end of June.

Tuck in to the track list too... 🍌

Bobo - Give Me Love (Gunfinger Food)

Nikki Nair - Super (Banoffee Pies)

Client_03 - Self Doubt Injector (Astrophonica)

Harry Wills - Howzat (Holding Hands)

Interplanetary Criminal - Oh La La (Dub Mix) / (Time Is Now)

Pete Cannon & Patrice - Butterfly (Swamp 81)

Puffin’ Billy - Don’t You Want Some More? (Mediator Music)

Yosh - It’s Over (Vivid)

No Moon - Aoe_Rushin (X-Kalay)

Escape Artist - Digital Natives (Kalahari Oyster Cult)

Tom Jarmey - Crawler (Shadow City Records)

Maruwa - This 1 Is For The Ravers (Lobster Theremin)

Andy Garvey - Mind Games (Lobster UNDR)

Reptant - Time Blind (Salt Mines)

DJ Frankie - Ashes And Cemeteries (A7A)

Local Group - Baby Talk (Human Concrete Block)

Vort - Tulip (E-Beamz)

Arkajo - Untitled (Run Away With Me) / (Aniara Recordings)

Bobo - The Elevator Game (Pépe’s Celestial Re-Brush) / (Gunfinger Food)


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