EARFUL OF | Mix Series

In January, we launched our guest mix series, a multi-genre output stream geared at providing the contributors absolute freedom to showcase their sound. EARFUL OF was beautifully kicked off by Sleepy T of www.texturemag.com

"I’ve always found that garage has had the biggest impact on me when it’s been gradually woven into a set. I love it when DJs build up the energy with some groovier sounds so that you’re really ready for the moment the harder stuff hits – it makes it feel like the vibe is being switched up in an exciting, but carefully considered way. I tried my best to replicate this kind of approach by starting with some more atmospheric garage along with some less garagey tracks. I wanted to build the tension in this way so that the time felt right for the bigger and bassier beats to start coming out. Whether I managed to achieve this is another question entirely…"


Next to feature is Corrupt Data, a multi genre media platform aimed to inspire, push and connect artists and producers with a similar mind set. The platform explores the depths of underground, creative movements and allows creatives to fully express themselves across all genres and formats without any limits or boundaries. CD is also one part of interstellar rave collective Surface Area, operating in Bristol. The collective strive to offer immersible parties, combining boundary pushing artists and visuals to create a unique multisensory experience. Surface Area plan to continue their sound/aesthetic and combine it with outdoor free-parties throughout the summer months.

Head Honcho, Farrell features regularly on Bristol's 1020 and Noods Radio which has seen him host the likes of ETCH (Sneaker Social Club) and Jossy Mitsu (6 Figure Gang) whilst Filter-Dread, Fiesta Soundsystem (Warehouse Raves) and Mani Festo (Club Glow) have contributed to the label.

An Earful of Corrupt Data will have you right up for the weekend ahead...


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