EARFUL OF | Eclecticist

The Oxford born, Bristol nurtured and London living Eclecticist has been in music for almost 2 decades, harboured by his father's Reggae & Dub soundsystem background, inheriting a mish-mash of equipment in his early years.

Alongside his undying exploration for mixing, he also had a successful spout as an MC and songwriter as a teenager under the alias S!lecta. A music Tech degree and cultural awakening followed whilst studying in Bristol where he discovered his award winning passion for Radio, and giving birth to the brand he currently hosts under, Eclectivity. Last year he was crowned one of the Pirate Studios Pirate Prodigies and he also produces some of the biggest radio shows in the country for the BBC. If you haven't already checked out this guy's radio shows, make sure you do, our bet is that it won't be long til he's broadcasting on the FM waves. There aren't many out there with such varied taste and encyclapedic knowledge combined with the skills behind the Mic.

Well known for playing Techno, UK Bass, Hybrids of UK Funky and House an Earful of Eclecticist showcases his sound to the fullest.


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