EARFUL OF | Heritage

Despite both hailing from London, Movement and Tribalist first met whilst living in Brighton, bonding over a love for Grime and UK Garage. Not long after, the pair began producing music together under the name Heritage, incorporating these influences into predominantly 130bpm breakbeat tracks. This also gave birth to their label Dissident Sound, providing a platform for their debut release.

Appearing sparsely on free download releases over the next 18 months, Heritage made their return on US based label Glome Sound, with their Snakes & Ladders EP showcasing a more techno influenced and percussion-based side of their music. More recently they've gained attention for The Revelation EP on Scuffed Recordings. The project showed further progression in the duo’s style, with the title track taking the form of an electro/breakbeat hybrid and receiving airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra and in Boiler Room sets.

Whilst still early in their musical career, Heritage have demonstrated versatility and a range of musical influences, many of which are heard in this mix and no doubt makes them ones to keep your eyes (and ears) on. Enjoy yourselves...

Artwork by Adam Doherty (Tribalist)


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