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Up next on the EARFUL OF podcast we have the Leeds based DJ, Hurrell who’s part of the newly formed coalition with Peaky Beats and Pinder, 'Northern Division’.

Having been DJing since 2012/13, Luke’s taken his craft all over the country. He moved to Leeds 3/4 years ago which is where he truly found his feet and started to built a solid foundation for himself. “Fresh city, new people, new venues and finally a decent record store (Tribe Records). I’ve only been collecting records solidly for three years now, mostly UKG and Dubstep stuff. My collection is largely older UKG, but I’ve been buying all the wicked new releases that are popping up all over! Luckily we have a banging community and finding/sharing music is so easy. I try to support as many new artists/labels as I can the same as people have done for me”

Hurrell’s main influences are EL-B, Mike Millrain, Gurley, Brotherhood and Sully. “Anything with ragga vocal or on the darker end of the spectrum hits the sweet spot for me”, whilst he considers DJ’s like Mick James, Perception, Ollie Rant, Shai Spooner (Entity:London) and Highrise (Shuffle'N'Swing), to be setting the levels at the moment (to name but a few).

Fully emerging himself into the community has lead to some exciting guest mixes over the past year including a Garage Hour for Rinse FM and guesting for Smokey Bubblin’ B on Flex FM. Just recently, the Northern Division boys contributed 2.5 hours for the U.K Hun? series which is proving to be a really exciting project.

“I’ll be getting back on producing soon and will be making tunes with Peaky and Pinder as soon as this lockdown business is over so keep an ear out for that as well as more ND mixes”

As for the EARFUL OF Hurrell mix, expect full spectrum UKG with plenty of unreleased bits and tasty flavours perfect for a Sunday session on lockdown!



Listen to the EARFUL OF series in full here


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