EARFUL OF | neelie. / colluvisol グライムのミックス

Neelie. places a strong focus on contemporary internet culture in different areas of her work - be it while playing records or pushing her latest project called oh mochi. Her sound is influenced by web digs, from beat tapes to vaporwave, and takes it twists with grime and bass.

Under her alias colluvisol, which is a name for a versatile type of soil, the Frankfurt based selector shows of her versatility with more fast paced club driven tunes. Since starting as a DJ at a new years party in Berlin, she has since played at both underground venues and cultural art events all over the place.

Her latest project called oh mochi, is a combination of events and hyper-realistic graphics, often of an imaginary japan. With this imprint she hosts artists of different expertise and genres such as german rap names like Nepumuk and electro artist Scherbe.


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