EVENTS | Solis @ Bow Bridge [01/02/20]

So there's 2 days left of dry January, you've been smashing life for four weeks solid, productivity is up, you've got yourself into a good routine and have set approximately 217 goals for the year. Yet, something's missing...

Some of us are itching for a blow out. Some gave in to temptation a while ago and have been topping themselves up every weekend since the new year, whilst the rest manage to (somehow) find the correct balance.

Regardless of what category you would place yourself in, come this weekend, we'll presume every single one of us will have close ties to a friend that's eagerly anticipating a payday-party-weekend (planned or impromptu) and will no doubt, do a very good job of conforming you to their way of thinking (if ever you needed convincing). Given the current trends in underground electronic music, there is a strong possibility that UK Garage (the underground sort) will be at the forefront of the hierarchical RA listings stood front-left in you and your pals' conscious mind.

Thankfully, London based party Solis have come up with the goods and on Saturday 1st February, they bring to you a line-up some of the most forward thinking promoters are probably still drawing up. Put simply, it's ram-jammo' with the names that have at some point, headlined the same forward thinking promoters' parties up and down the country (and europe) since the recent UKG wave re-emerged.

Collectively, Alec Falconer, Desert Sound Colony, Enchanted Rhythms, Dr Banana, Harry Wills and Jack Michael have multiple record labels, countless releases and a valuable reputation for being top blokes behind them. In November just gone, four out of the six kicked off their own party series 'Sock It To Me', providing circa 300 party goers with a marathon B4B, a pair of Dr Banana socks (on entry) and an active shout-out request line, direct to MC, via the in-booth burner phone. Marvellous it was, and evidently it was only matter of time before someone repeated the feat for their own party. Mylo Harvey of Solis has done just that, added a few more to the fold and taken a punt on a newly refurbished, two room, East London venue (Bow Bridge), fit for the old school, booky Moschino and Moet & Chandon vibe of the 90's.

Soundtracking the support slots on the night are Mylo, ourselves and Rortingah, who runs an up and coming night called Selective Work held at the intimate SET in Dalston.

With this weekend in mind, we asked each of the DJ's a series of quick, informal and slightly jovial questions, perfectly suited to the laid back, party atmosphere expected on the night.

"What was the last UKG Record you purchased? No promos!"

Harry Wills | Missy Elliot vs. Stanton Warriors ‎– She's A Bitch [Fifty First]

Alec Falconer | Dexter Rico & Dubaholics - Abandon Me [Old London Records]

Rich Shorrock (Enchanted Rhythms) | Entity London VA002 [Entity:London]

Jack Michael | Reflex One - I Need To Know [Nice n Ripe]

Liam Wachs (DSC) | Persian - Playing With My Arts [Existence is Resistance]

Sandy (Dr Banana) | Mushtaq Productions - Garagé-Latino [Fuzzed Music Co.]

Mylo Harvey (Solis) | SOS - Pushing Higher - Tibby EP [Music Monarchy]

Rortingah (Selective Work) | Blowfelt - Likkle Rolla [Wordplay Records]

What has been your favourite gig of the past 12 months? Played or partied at.

Harry Wills | The inaugural Sock it to Me at Venue MOT or a couple of weeks ago at Mtkvarze, Tbilisi for an extended 11hr session with Alec & Dr Banana.

Alec Falconer | Slow Life @ Cartulis 10th Birthday.

Enchanted Rhythms | Robert Johnson on NYE.

Jack Michael | The first Orbital London Showcase @ The Lion & Lamb.

Liam (DSC) | Sock It To Me @ Venue MOT (Nov 19).

Sandy (Dr Banana) | Mtkvarze in Tbilisi 11 hours B2B with Alec & Harry.

Mylo Harvey | The Spaced boat parties in March & August last year.

Rortingah | Control in Sheffiled at the Night Kitchen. SET and Fold in London also deserve a mention. Countless top nights at both over the last year, and both run by people who truly care about providing a quality experience.

Favourite condiment? (Why not).

Harry Wills | Vinegar, "no contest".

Alec Falconer | Franks Red Hot

Enchanted Rhythms | Mango Chutney

Jack Michael | Chipotle

Liam (DSC) | Ketchup

Sandy (Dr Banana) | Mum's home made Crab Apple & Thyme Sauce

Mylo Harvey | Mayo

Rortingah | Garlic Salt

Tickets: Solis 2020 Launch Party w/ Desert Sound Colony, Dr Banana, Alec Falconer, Harry Wills, Enchanted Rhythms & Jack Micheal

Dedicated to Alex T, his family and friends...


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