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Back in May this year, a lively little gem landed in the inbox courtesy of Midlands DJ, Producer and Sound Engineer, Mitch Wellings. We first met Mitch in London having both been involved in an exciting nationwide initiative exposing kids to electronic music through DJ’ing in schools and have kept in touch ever since. One of the few beauties of social media these days is the ability to connect and build relationships online, as if you see each other down the pub each week. So once the early images of Space Tours Records caught our eyes and that 'Space Baguette' file filled our ears, we simply had to support.

Art by Rob Fenton of NTRPNRS

Fast forward to last week and his debut EP basically sold out at all it’s online and physical distributors before the press shots for Space Tours Records returned to Mitch from the photographer Daisy Denham; a testament to the hard graft and commitment shown by an individual who’s been at the heart of his local scene for some time.

As label head and studio owner, Mitch has established himself as the go-to for electronic music in his home town of Stoke-on-Trent. As founder of The Sound Kitchen, Mitch offers recording, mixing and mastering services, DJ and production tuition and is also involved in teaching kids with complex learning needs or those who have been excluded from mainstream education. On a personal level, he’s dabbled in and out of music production since 2004 and has been responsible for bringing the likes of Valentino Kanzyani, Archie Hamilton, Anthea and Bill Patrick to the City via his The Night Shift imprint.

Personal projects have since been stripped back to production only and Space Tours 001 is the first solo project to come from Wellings. It showcases both the minimal influences shared as a DJ and promoter, as well as the UKG & 2-step elements that seem to naturally trickle through from producers who like us, grew up as teenagers during the peak of the sound in the early turn of the century.

It’s a great start for Space Tours Records, a label that joins the consistent flow of quality to come from reputable Barcelona distributor, Subwax. Add to that, a feature from Harry Wills and on paper, it quickly becomes a desirable record. Despite this, there’s no doubt that its current success is owed almost entirely to the man at the helm and a work ethic that again, proves that the do-it-yourself trend forms both a solid reputation as label owner and a base for success on a personal level.

With 002 in the pipeline and a forthcoming feature and podcast on the LA-based Lemak and Frankfurt's Pager Records respectively, we look forward to hearing more from Mitch Wellings and the producers he’s set to champion through his Space Tours Records imprint.

Photography by Daisy Denham

Mitch Wellings | Space Tours 001 | Space Tours Records

Design by Dan Muir

Paint by Rob Fenton (NTRPNRS)

Photography by Daisy Denham

Limited copies remain via Coldcuts // Hotwax


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