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UKG.Vibesey... the new-wave collective of DJ's and supporters of all things UK Garage, continues to amass listeners, fans and followers from across the underground garage and garage house community. By no means late to the cause, the collective's combination of 200+ years in the game see's them recognised as OG purveyors of a sound we all love.

Multiple uploads, sometimes upwards of three per day is no easy feat, catering for fans of everything from the early 90's sound to the so-called "graveyard" years and funky, new steppers. Is there method to the madness? Who know's. Either way, it's a testament to them; one of your go-to's for sure, even if they like keep you guessing!

Keeping up with current times UKGV supplement their vinyl uploads with two monthly mix series: "Vibesey Volume" (currently 4 down) showcases each of the crew members, whilst "Vibesey presents" is geared towards sharing a variety of DJs' & producers' sounds and collections. DJ Perception, Club of Jacks and Marc Cotterell kicking off the first three.

Having featured Vibesey in our launch feature on the re-emergence of UKG back in February, Earful of Wax were privileged enough to be asked to put together the fourth Vibesey presents mix. What better way to kick off our mixcloud than with an hour long tribute to the sound that inspired the launch! Listen out for a mixture of old and knew, including classics from Horsepower, Pangaea and MDubs and new bits from Harry Wills, Prescribe the Vibe and Calibre!



How Du - Lifeline [Banoffee Pies] Sterling Styles - Nobody (Dub) [22a]

Marcus Sommer - Fucked up Dinosauri [Imprints Records]

Shorterz & Lopaski - Letting Go [Dr Banana]

Phone Traxxx - Xan Widdecombe [Phone Traxxx]

Harry Wills - Hot Sec [Rude Goldberd Series]

Moony - Moments in Dub [Southpoint]

Stush - Dollar Sign [Social Circles]

Pangaea - Hex [Hemlock Recordings]

Prescribe Da Vibe - Difficult [Today Tomorrow Recordings]

Calibre - Break That [The Nothing Special]

Harry Wills - Unter [Forthcoming on Project London Raw]

Alec Falconer - Cab-Sauve [Entity:London]

Max Casebolt - Silver Bubble [Equal People Records]

Horsepower Productions - What We Do [Tempa]

Stixy D - Our Love (U Wanna) [Stixy D]

Prescribe Da Vibe - Cool Today [Kiwi Records]

M Dubs Meets Fierce - Sweet Love [M Dubs BreakBeatFunkMix]

Catch Vibesey's next Radio appearance, guesting on Flex fm next Sat 18th May 1400-1600 and Earful of Wax on Music Box Radio every 4th Friday of the month 1900-2100.


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