Top 5 Remixes of 2020 | Bailey Ibbs

Bailey Ibbs, one of the many talents to emerge from the NU-KG scene in 2019 and one who in 2020, has not only showcased a versatility of club sounds in his arsenal with self-released charity bandcamp release but has picked up recognition through wax via labels Practical Rhythms and his first full EP, the latest on Dansu Discs.

'Gurl EP' is a hefty six-tracker split between three OG Bailey tracks and a bunch of remixes. The A side incorporates signature 2-step with rave and hardcore influences, a style which has lit up many'a mixes, livestreams and radio shows over the months and a perfect showcase of the versatility we spoke of before.

The B side comes with 4x4, Breaks and Techno remixes from Denham Audio, AK Sports and Groovy D (1/3 of Denham Audio). We premier the latter. The 4x4 of the three includes subtle speed garage elements and enough kick to keep this one fresh and ready to pop when the clubs come back *praying emoji*.

The release itself has arrived early and should ship before christmas (lucky Nick). With this in mind we reached out to Mr Ibbs and asked for his Top 5 Remixes of 2020. Here goes...

DJ これからの緊急災害 – Modular Ghost System (Jensen Interceptor Remix)


Hermeth - Chameleon (DJ Frankie Remix)


DJ - Soundbwoy, Rudeboy (feat. Riko Dan) (Denham Audio Remix)


Glances - Bulwark (Nikki Nair SE Breaks Remix)


DJ Haus, Interplanetary Criminal - Machine Learning (IPC Remix)

GURL EP is available to buy now via DNR Vinyl.