UKG A-Z | Charity Everpress Campaign [Bushfire Fundraiser]

It's the first full week of 2020 and the majority of us have come out the other side of the Christmas binge, conjured up some new found motivation and are putting plans into place to achieve new goals, in the hope that the prospective year will be more successful than the previous. For many, these early stages are vital, they set the tone for the rest of the year and tend to provide a natural force of momentum which drives potential success in their career, lifestyle or finances (other examples are available). It's generally a positive time and you're surrounded by good energy, support and positivity. Whilst this is and should be reflective of most, in the current climate (all forms of the word), it's very difficult to ignore the other things in the world that seem out of our control and leave far more than just a bitter sweet sense in the atmosphere.

Already in 2020, conspiracy theorists have talked of corruption at the heart of great political empires, and mainstream media has spoken out about an apparent 'missing evidence' in investigations into things such as the Irani plane crash and Jeffery Epstein's 'Suicide'. There's even been over documented public uproar following the forward thinking, young royals' decision to distance themselves from a monarchy overshadowed by that remarkably suspect BBC interview.  

Whilst we don't intend to undermine the above, there is of course the small matter of the Australian bushfires that have now been burning since November and don't show any signs of slowing down. As you can imagine, this far outweighs any government backed misdemeanour, so we're more interested in joining in with the rest of the electronic music clan's drive to increase awareness for a disaster that continues to devastate lives, threaten animal extinction and cause atmospheric damage that could last a century. And that's if it were to stop now.

In the past 24 hours we launched an Everpress Campaign inspired by both the positive and negative to come from the start of a new decade: The commitment to a new years resolution and the good fortune that can come with it, plus the the sh*t storm happening in the outback, that needs more attention.

The A-Z UKG artwork was a bi-product from our end of year article which this week gathered a small amount of pace amongst the community, even leading to a bit of a debate on twitter and an eventual tweet delete. What started as a quick way of giving props to the rest of the UKG revival crew and a reference point for the newcomers, quickly resulted in a wave of thanks and momentum we simply had to turn into a good cause. The end result can be found below...

Earful of Wax UKG A-Z [Bushfire Fundraiser Tee]

Part II of the drive to capture the revived and thriving underground UK Garage scene and Vinyl Culture by online music platform Earful of Wax.


£21 + Shipping (£3 UK, ROW is more)

DJ's, Producers, Promoters, Crews & Labels, unite.

Printed on climate neutral garments and heavily weighted towards Vinyl record culture.

Not-for-profit: Proceeds will be donated to charity, in aid of the bushfires in Australia.

Campaign ends 2nd February 2020 after which time the item will be shipped.


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