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May's radio show saw us invite Bristol based Lily Huu, the Mix Nights graduate who's building a name for herself for in the local UKG scene. A loyal and vibrant viewer of our "Stay Locked" [Down] livestream series, she layed down a vibey guest mix for us and contributed a list to go alongside it!

Mix Nights is a Bristol based imprint run by Lizzie (Saffron Records), Danielle, Em Williams & Daisy Moon that works with wxmen to develop DJ skills in an encouraging, safe and welcoming environment. Graduates go through a 9 DJ week course, learning CDJ's or Vinyl and are given the opportunity to showcase their skills to a crowd of friends, fam and local promoters. They also put on regular open decks events providing a drop-in for those wishing to know more and as a social occasion for past graduates to gather. Lily has since

Out to Lily for selecting her favourite records from past & present! We look forward to checking her out behind the booth very soon!


Big Bird - The Flirt EP (1997)

This will NEVER leave my bag. Flav has the funkiest bass to ever exist, it is so fun to play out. I listen to this record so often my housemates must be sick of it, except it’s impossible to get sick of it because it’s that bloody good.


Ghost - The Club (2016)

Another record that never leaves my bag. Classic El-B with the distinctively dark and funky 2step.


Powerhouse Recordings Part 1 (1997)

Two tracks on this record I’m in love with: Scott Garcia/Baffled’s Music Takes You and DJ Ride’s Renegade Bass. Music Takes You’s punchy bass and dreamy synth makes for such a smooth and accessible tune. And DJ Ride’s banger speaks to my speed garage soft spot. DJ Ride’s tracks have that lovely mix of being heavy and hard while still being fun and cheeky. The Theme is another DJ Ride fav of mine.


I’ll Get Over You – Prizent vs. Y-Tribe (1999)

A super joyful record. The whistle, horns, and catchy vocals - all so fun and funky. This gets the girls dancing at the front, which is, of course, my aim with every set!


DJ Double G ‎– Poison / Get Loose (1998)

Minimal funky goodness with crisp percussion and the catchiest vocal sampling. My first time playing out with Mix Nights I started my set with Get Loose. I get flashbacks to how stupidly excited and nervous I was every time I hear this track.


DJ Perception ‎– Forever EP Vol1 (2018)

A very sophisticated and energetic EP. Your Love Baby could save any vibe I swear.


Crazy - Seven Wonders (1999)

A proper feel-good record with that all-encompassing 90s garage sound. Love the jazzy intro and silky RnB vocals.  Very sexy tune!


Phone Traxxx - Volume 3 (2019)

I look forward to every Phone Traxxx release because I know I will be surprised. Thought this record was so fun and progressive. It mixes light and jazzy sounds with heavy bass in a refreshing way.


Shorterz & Paddy L - Lower Trinity (2020)

Unit for Change is a proper mover! And I listened to Letting Go about 20 times in a row when I first heard it! My neighbours don’t like me very much… Shouts to Sound Condition for showing me this one.


Mike Millrain - Flashbacks Vol 1 (2017)

Praise be to Millrain! Four very stylish tracks with bouncy bass and smooth vocals, real crowd-pullers.


Tuff Jam Key Dub (1999)

This is a party in a record, absolute party energy smushed into the wax. Key Dub 99 is a timeless track and everything I love about classic UKG.


2 Wisemen - Hardcore Garage (2000)

Dark and heavy, two monstrous tunes, the bass is absolute filth.


Deep Connextion ‎– Twisted Future / So Confused (1997)

Two big dance floor destroyers - full of energy, sassy and heavy. To be played very loud.


The Jam Experience / Tuff & Jam* ‎– Feel My Love (1997)

Two seriously fun tracks! Jazzy, feel-good 90's garage house with that signature Tuff Jam vivacity.


Longeez - Boi Get Killed Dub / Destiny’s Child Dub (2020)

Obsessed with Boi Get Killed, it is such a huge tune. Ragga vocals, broken beat and hard bass – sounds amazing played out. And a Destiny’s Child dub that sounds like an early 00s classic, delightful.

Keep an ear out on all things Lily Huu here and big ups for the selections!


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