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A1. Jossy Mitsu - Odyssey

A2. Jossy Mitsu - 1997


B1. Jossy Mitsu - Turismo

B2. Jossy Mitsu - Ø 


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Jossy Mitsu (Rinse FM / 6 Figure Gang) releases her debut EP on Astral Black. Cutting her teeth as a resident DJ for the label's club residency and host for their monthly radio shows, the club night-cum-label is the ideal home for the start of Jossy's journey as a producer in her own right. The Birmingham-raised, London based DJ has become known for her ability to galvanise any rave, progressing through her electrifying concoction of bass-heavy, left-field club music, with genre and bpm knowing no bounds. Holding down a Rinse FM residency and part of the much loved ‘6 Figure Gang’, Jossy has DJ'ed globally, alongside artists such as Joy Orbison, Dance System, Maya Jane Coles & Mall Grab and performed at events such as The Warehouse Project, Glastonbury & Outlook Festival among many others.


Throughout the 4-tracks here on 'Planet J', Jossy invites the listener to take a step inside her sonic world. The meandering pads and scattering drum patterns of EP opener 'Odyssey' are seasoned with warped chords 8-bit arpeggiators and ticking cow bells. '1997' brings together pounding 4x4 kicks, bouncing basslines and pitched vocal samples, giving the track the makings of a house anthem and leaving the listener yearning for a return to sweaty basement clubs. The high octane energy of 'Turismo' takes the records BPM up a notch for a marathon of skittering snares drums, raucous percussion and menacing sub bass. Whilst the reverb laden chords and melodic basslines of subdued EP closer 'Ø' demonstrate Jossy's ability to create thoughtful electronic music whilst still

retaining a hard, dance-floor focussed edge.


The 12” edition of the EP comes in a full-colour sleeve with Planet J’s capital city visualised in a high-res CGI rendering courtesy of London-based designer Kerrie.IRL




Twitter: @Astral_Black

Instagram: @astralblackrecords



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