A1. Killin' Everybody

A2. Boo Key


B1. War With Us

B2. Step-Up


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Soundboy Cookie and On1 come together to present a very unique and extremely limited vinyl only EP. To show the world exactly what they’re about, the EP presents a solid four tracks of start to finish sound-system pressure.


A1. Killin’ Everybody

Kicking off the EP is “Killin’ Everybody” - the first collaboration on the record. Setting the tone immediately, the track opens with spaced out eerie keys, and creeping vocals. The percussive elements gradually introduce themselves, building suspense, to push forward into a neck-breaking drop. On1's ground shaking sub coupled with Cookie's bouncy percussion unapologetically grab your ears, perfectly setting the tone for what this EP is all about.


A2. Boo Key

On1’s personal contribution to the EP, is the appropriately named “Boo Key”. Running with ghostly atmospherics and creepy samples, dancing around a wig splitting kick drum that pushes the track towards a drop, generates the impression On1 isn’t messing around. Sounding like a record perfectly fit for an old-skool pirate Rinse FM set, On1 expertly demonstrates his unique blend of UK Garage, Grime, and Drill.


B1. War With Us

And on the flip! The duo's second collaboration of the EP, and the titular track, “War with Us”. Ghostly pads and a crisp, dissonant drumline introduce the dancefloor to this beast of a track. On the drop, On1's Earth-shattering basslines and Cookie's choppy drums pace away as a distant vocal reminds the listener that, “nobody's tryna war with us!”. As the EP progresses, there is definitely a noticeable theme, dark and eerie - which is just how it should be!


B2. Step Up

Lastly – but most definitely not least – is Soundboy Cookies solo imprint on the EP. His personal style is all too prominent in this track; wonky basslines, hard drums, and his signature hip-hop vocal cuts tauntingly asking for competition to “Step Up”! An absolute tear out of a track which Soundboy Cookie is known too well for, makes for a perfect way to round off this EP.


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