WAR2002 | OCB

Berlin label Warning welcome Casa Voyager don OCB to their latest 7" series, the Morrocan delivers in typical fashion which has made him one of the finest talents to emerge over the past 18 months and arguebly the guy of nu-gen Electro!


For anyone just getting in to this sound, watch how you become emmersed in OCB and his label Casa Voyager (if not already).


Fitting words from Warning Berlin, no wonder it's sold out in UK stores.


"It's 2042 on planet Eer. Ruled by an elitist class driven by greed and enabled by biomechanics, the climate on most parts of the world has been far from endurable for more than a decade. The majority of humankind, including the former leftist avant-garde, lives in poverty and despair. Ideas of equality and freedom are writhing in the heat of the dirt while the last resistance, living in defunct underground train stations, like Casa Voyager, which hosts a growing group of indomitable individuals. Connected with other stations the Railway Network still fights the corrupted minds of the false leaders, using ancient weapons from the Roland Corporation, combining the human groove with the arcane Jonas Algorhythm, pitching up the cowbells to wake up the sheep. That planet might be scum but it’s still ours and we aint yet ready to give up on it"


Grab the 7" series in full here.

WAR2002 | OCB

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